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Chris Pratt eats a bug: James Gunn’s birthday present is disgusting!

Chris Pratt celebrated his 42nd birthday and to celebrate it James Gunn, friend, and director of Guardians of the Galaxy used his Twitter account to publish an unreleased video, nothing short of special.

” Happy birthday to my longtime friend Chris Pratt, ” said Gunn. ” Here’s the video of a time he came to my house and ate an insect for no reason .” The video, as might be expected, shows exactly what Gunn anticipates, with Chris Pratt grabbing a bug and eating it with a big smile on his face. Because not everyone likes birthday cakes.

Gunn’s Twitter followers had mixed feelings about the video. ” I’m no longer a fan of Chris Pratt and definitely won’t invite him to my wedding! ” One user replied with a disgusted emoji. Another joked: ” Happy birthday !! Dude, did you eat Drax’s snacks? Or is it just a way to impress Gamora? “.

Recall that Chris Pratt and James Gunn collaborated on the first two films of the Guardians of the Galaxy saga and very soon they will return to work together again for the third chapter of the Marvel franchise and the Guardian of the Galaxy’s Holiday Special: the production of both Marvel Studios projects will begin in a few months. James Gunn will return to theaters with his new film The Suicide Squad, out August 6, while Chris Pratt will soon be Peter “Star-Lord” Quill again in Thor: Love and Thunder and Owen Grady in Jurassic World: Dominion, with both. films coming out in 2022.

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