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Before dawn, Julie Delpy turned down a fourth film in the saga: that’s why

Julie Delpy, confessed to having turned down the chance to shoot the fourth installment of Richard Linklater’s trilogy that began with Before Dawn. The first film, starring Delpy and Ethan Hawke, was released in 1995 and found critical acclaim. The success convinced Linklater to create two sequels, Before Sunset and Before Midnight.

In an interview with the French magazine Telerama, Julie Delpy said: “I often think about quitting. A year and a half ago I was not far from doing it. The hell I went through to produce my film had exhausted me. I said. no to Richard Linklater for the fourth part of the Before saga. I thought maybe I could go back to school. I would be a great doctor, for example! You give me three symptoms and I tell you what you suffer from! But I like to create, to tell stories; is stronger than me “.

The difficulty of realizing new projects is among the causes of Delpy’s choice not to return for a new chapter in the Linklater saga: “I have a wonderful script, A Dazzling Display for Splendor, about the pioneers of Hollywood. One of the best I’ve written. A talented and well-known British actress, Emilia Clarke, is tied to the project. Yet, I’m still struggling. Non-stop. so many movies in my drawers that would never be made, if you only knew. I’m fed up
Julie Delpy is known all over the world for her role as Céline, a French girl who casually meets 25-year-old American Jesse (Ethan Hawke) on the train to Vienna. The two discover they have an excellent understanding and decide to spend a night on the streets of the Austrian capital.

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