Keanu Reeves reveals rob Lowe ‘tried to rob his girlfriends’


The Matrix actor says Lowe tried to “steal” two of his girlfriends, but he didn’t make it.

Matrix actor Keanu Reeves reportedly criticized Rob Lowe for “trying to rob his girlfriends.”

Keanu said Lowe almost got away with two of them, but eventually, they saw what he’s like.

The handsome 56-year-old actor, in his biography, wrote, “Okay. We stayed for a while, but all he did was try to steal my girlfriends.”

The star of ‘John Wick’ claimed that Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe tried to do so, but fortunately they ‘saw it.

The couple worked together when the 1986 film Youngblood was being filmed and formed a friendship.

Rob Lowe, who married his wife Sheryl Berkoff in 1991, had a girlfriend at the time, but she did not prevent him from going with other women with him, having experience over his unfaithful past.


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