Best wishes Gigi Hadid:today he turns 26!

She will surely celebrate this special day with boyfriend Zayn Malik and their little Khai: it is in fact the first birthday that the model passes as a mom.

She and the singer welcomed their first daughter in September 2020 (Khai is then 7 months old), but only in early 2021 did they reveal how they called her.

The name Khai in Arabic means chosen or queen,while the nickname they use for the baby is Kahiba (which means surprise).

Since becoming a mother, Gigi Hadid has been photographed a lot of times while walking with her daughter in the pram on the streets of New York and, from oversized coats to colorful oversuits, she has proven every time she is really a cool mom.

Last February, Gigi Hadid reported giving birth without an epidural at the family farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. At her side were Zayn Malik, mom Yolanda, sister Bella, a local midwife and her assistant.

 I knew it was going to be the crazy pain of my life, but you have to give up on it and you have to think, that’s what it is.

I know my mom, Zayn and Bella were proud of me, but at times I saw them in terror – she went on, admitting that her birth isn’t usual these days – When you see someone doing this, you look at it a little differently. I probably looked crazy. I am an animal woman.”

He had also revealed that zayn malik was the first to pick up the baby: ” Ididn’t even realize he was out. I was so exhausted, I looked up and he was holding her. It was so cute.”

The ZiGi had got together in 2015 and had broken up twice, before reuniting at the end of 2019. By April 2020, the supermodel had confirmed she was pregnant.


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