Prince Harry was not isolated at funeral thanks to Kate Middleton


The estranged prince of his family was fortunate that Kate Middleton took him in and did not leave him alone.

An expert recently highlighted Prince Harry’s “good fortune” at Prince Philip’s funeral, given that Kate Middleton refused to isolate him.

This claim was made by Tom Bower and in his article for The Sun, stating: “To their good luck, William and Kate did not isolate him despite the garbage they threw at their family on American television just six weeks ago.” .

“Only the next few days will reveal whether Harry is prepared to show sincere remorse. Without a doubt, the sight of the queen’s suffering during an emotional service to her beloved grandfather will have brought the brothers and Kate together in the minutes after a grueling spectacle. “

In his final note, he added: “Realists will judge that Harry’s refusal so far to make a public apology cannot be disguised by a short walk uphill.”


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