Justin Bieber talks about his ex-guru Carl Lentz


The Hillsong church pastor helped the artist in the past when he was involved in various troubles.

Finally, Justin Bieber broke the silence about his former pastor Carl Lentz, a former member of the Hillsong Church of New York, who helped the artist in the past when he was involved in various personal problems and substance abuse.

Lentz was fired from the congregation due to “moral flaws” in his behavior and conduct, and now Bieber, who once considered him his guru, spoke about him in an interview with GQ magazine.

Justin went so far as to say that shepherds should not be placed on pedestals, because they soon become famous and fame goes to their heads:

“I think a lot of pastors put themselves on pedestals,” he said, without mentioning Carl Lentz’s name.

“Basically the church is surrounded by men, and the pastor, like, ‘this guy has the best relationship with God, which we all want and can’t have, because we’re not that guy… no, it’s not true. The truth is that every human being has the same access to God ”, he assures, although he acknowledges the important role that some of them had in his life and career in recent years.

Bieber praised his current pastor, Judah Smith, who leads the church followed by many celebrities, Churchome.

“He puts our relationship first,” Bieber said of Smith, saying that Smith’s relationship with his own family ‘is strong’:

“It’s something I’ve always dreamed of because my family has always been broken,” Bieber said. “All my life I had a broken family. That’s why I was attracted to a family that dines together, laughs together, talks, ”he justifies about his move from Hillsong to Churchome.


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