How long have we not kissed? We are not just talking about pops on the cheeks, but just kisses on the lips, those that seal the beginning of new love.

In this period, single life is really hard, but it is also for anyone who has a long-distance relationship. We don’t know when this is going to end, but the good news is that it looks like it’s really going to end.

All we have to do is prepare for the fateful moment when we will return to kiss (we already have butterflies in our stomachs) with a beauty routine all dedicated to lips, to have them soft, full, and voluminous, in short, all to kiss.

Having an irresistible mouth is much easier than finding someone worth kissing, just insert a few simple passages into your daily skincare:

1. Hydration:

Just like the skin of the face, the skin of the lips also needs to be hydrated. Use a cocoa balm or butter daily preferably with sunscreen. Make masks: Before entering the bathtub, apply a veil of honey or oil (just what you use in the kitchen) on the lips, steam will help nutrients get into the skin, making them naturally soft and smooth.

2. DIY Scrub

The best scrub for your lips you can prepare it by sol*. Mix a tablespoon of honey with one of sugar, rub the mixture on the lips for about a minute. Then eliminate and apply a moisturizer. Exfoliating is essential to smooth the lips and help cell renewal. The result will be a soft, smooth, smooth mouth, to kiss. Remember to exfoliate only once a week so as not to attack your lips too much!

3. If you want a more “size”

There are good volumizing products on the market, lipsticks, lip polishes, creams, and lotions. You can also apply the dyed bottom to the contour of the mouth, masking the demarcation line. In this way, you can “cheat” with the pencil, drawing a wider outline. And then the overlined lips are trending super right now.

4. Choice of lipstick

Since you will presumably kiss someone, it is not appropriate to wear very long-tight lipstick or red lipstick. We give priority to performance, over to the final look. Opt for something natural, naked, and sexy.

Choose a transparent lip gloss, then create a light point in the center of the upper lip (on the Cupid’s Arch) by applying the highlighter with your fingertips. It will reflect the light and your upper lip will appear more pronounced. And if you really want to shine dust a veil of matte bronzer under the lower lip to achieve the same effect.