Man who stole Shawn Mendes’ truck was arrested


Los Angeles police confirmed they arrested the thief as part of another investigation.

The thief who stole Shawn Mendes’s car has been arrested. Los Angeles Police Department officers arrested the person who broke into the singer’s ‘In My Blood’ house and stole the keys to his Mercedes G-Wagon to take with him.

TMZ reports that police were investigating a suspect who was thought to be involved in a separate break-in incident, only to later discover that a key he had belonged to Shawn’s G-Wagon.

The robbery occurred a couple of weeks ago, when singer and his girlfriend Camila Cabello were resting at home, when suddenly a person entered the housebreaking a window, to flee with Shawn’s Mercedes-branded van.

No one was hurt at the time of the robbery.

It is ignored if the vehicle was recovered by the police.