Britney Spears criticized for posting photo with Justin Timberlake


To congratulate her sister on her birthday, the singer posted a photograph showing up with her ex.

Britney Spears fans were not funny that to congratulate her sister, the singer posted an old photo with her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

Spears had included in a first post a video with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. The 39-year-old pop star briefly appeared to confirm that he empty and tell how he lived the moment of the app.

“People on the internet said it was going to be really bad, like a bullet in the arm. It was nothing, I didn’t feel anything, I’m fine and I hope I can go on that well,” he said in a short video on his Instagram account.

Then, on the occasion of her sister Jamie Lynn’s birthday, Britney shared a photo that sparked comments and reviews among her followers.

Britney wrote in the post: “I’d like to be as smart as you are at 30. It’s weird to say I was like your mom when you were a girl, because I’m bigger, but you always had a wise soul. I am truly and genuinely inspired by your way and the life you created for your beautiful children, I am very proud to call you my sister.”

In the photo chosen, several years ago, Britney is seen celebrating an earlier birthday by Jamie Lynn, where she is accompanied by Justin Timberlake.

It should be remembered that the relationship between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake ended badly, so much so that the singer and actor recently offered apologies for the way they behaved.

See the photo of the controversy below: