Thalia makes millions in a real estate operation


The apartment she and her husband Tommy Mottola bought a year ago in Miami, was sold with a profit of $2 million.

Thalía and her husband Tommy Mottola just earned just over $2 million in a successful real estate negotiation.

Mexican artist and music entrepreneur sold a luxury apartment they had bought just a year ago, located in the Four Seasons Residence building at the Surf Club in Surfside, Miami County.

Architectural Digest gave the details of the sale and specifications of the apartment, which has 1200 square meters, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, with a total view of the beach.

Thalía and her husband acquired it in March 2020, and paid US$8 million, selling it in the amount of US$10.4 million, certainly a very good profit in just one year of acquiring it.