Selena Gomez has earned fame as an actress and singer, but the 28-year-old is quickly making her mark in the beauty industry as well. Last year, she launched her Rare Beautymakeup line – a brand that wants to make imperfections unique, because that’s what makes you “rare.”

Those who love make-up, then also love skincare and in a video with Vogue last year, the singer shared how she takes care of her mixed skin, which she describes asdry ” with “some fatty areas“.

She also opened up with ELLE about acne, revealing that she has no tricks to solve the problem:

No, because life is life,” he said. “If it’s a photoshoot, I’m probably luckier than others because there’s Photoshop, and if it’s a close-up, I have to put on makeup, and I do. You can’t really fight it. I think there are things or treatments I could do for sure, but I just don’t.”

Here are the very simple, but super effective, skincare rules by Selena Gomez:

Never sleep with makeup

I can’t understand how, and no offense, people have to be rigged all the time and the also tell you, ‘Oh, of course, you can sleep with a colored moisturizer or self-tanning on your face,’ she told ELLE.

I just think it’s not for me, plus I get pimples. I don’t know if it’s bad advice, I just think everyone can do as they want. As for me, I can’t really sleep with foundation because I worry. It’s not my atmosphere.”

Use a soothing detergent

To wash off the day, Gomez uses a soothing foam face cleaner:

It actually helps because I have dry skin,” she explained to Vogue. “But in some areas, I have oily skin, which is really annoying.”

Get yourself a moisturizer

To moisturize and plump the skin, Selena loves moisturizing creams with a dense texture because ” you don’t have to use so much of them,” she told Vogue.

When I was younger, I didn’t really take care of my skin, because I didn’t really know why to do it. I’d been working since I was seven and putting on makeup and trying to figure out how to do it. So I’d say I didn’t care until the last few years and I realized how important it was.”

To distribute the cream, Selena uses her hands and massages the product with always upward movements.

Sunscreen is essential

Selena never leaves the house without her SPF cream. “I like to put sunscreen because not only is it important to keep my skin fresh, but I have lupus, so being in the sun is difficult for me, so I like to put sunscreen on.

And then, we add this, the SPF protects the skin from sun damage, so it’s the only thing that works against aging. Don’t you want wrinkles in the future? Put on sunscreen, no matter how young you are.

Patches for blackheads

Selena uses a super cheap product to fight blackheads: the famous patches. “They make me feel really accomplished when I do them, they also work!“, he told Into the Gloss.

When I don’t get a chance to do the whole routine in the morning, it really bothers me. In a way, it affects mood when you don’t take enough time to pamper yourself. When I’m home, I like to wake up at least an hour before I just have to have coffee and not makeup.”


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