Kris Jenner is candid about his financial crisis at age 35


In a candid interview with WSJ magazine, the matriarch confesses that when she divorced, she could not pay her bills.

Kris Jenner recently sat down for a candid talk on finance and admitted at one point that she “had no idea” what she was doing when she was a newly divorced 35-year-old woman.

kRIS was candid about her previous financial crisis during an interview with WSJ magazine and was quoted as saying, “One day, my friend Shelli Azoff told me when I was going through my [Robert’] divorce, ‘How much does your gardener cost?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know.’ And she said, ‘Don’t you know?’ ”

“I was ashamed not to know. One day I woke up with responsibilities I didn’t have the day before. And I needed to figure it out.”

Her fiscal and monetary problems began after the mother divorced her husband in March 1991 at the age of 35 and she suddenly took responsibility for her own financial interests.

“I’m one of those who learn fast and knew I had to get over it. And I felt a huge sense of accomplishment at being able to solve everything and be able to pay my own bills, and earn my own money and pay my own taxes. “


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