‘Kate Middleton will break the royal protocol in response to Meghan Markle’


The Duchess of Cambridge does not intend to be silent with the affront of Meghan, who said she made her cry before her wedding.

Kate Middleton may choose not to remain silent after Meghan Markle claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge made her cry before her wedding to Prince Harry.

In the revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess of Sussex said Kate made her cry when they had an argument about the bridesmaids’ dress at their wedding.

A fountain at the palace told Australian magazine New Idea that Kate was furious when she learned of the dispute and the accusation that the royal family is racist.

“She was dragged into this within 10 minutes of Meghan’s interview, and has not been able to defend herself,” the source said.

“Kate usually takes the Queen’s approach to ‘never want, never explain’, but this has gone too far.”

“They refuse to say who it was, which is somehow worse because there is a lot of speculation that it was Prince William.”

“The real ones don’t quite agree with that, as they don’t want to turn this into a war of words any more than it already is, but for Kate, this has already become personal.”