Jennifer Lopez is seen with A-Rod sunbathing


The couple was seen enjoying a sunny day at the place the actress stays in the Dominican Republic

Looks like everything’s moving in Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s life now. The couple was seen enjoying a sunny day at J-Lo’s staying in the Dominican Republic, while filming their new film Shotgun Wedding, starring her, Josh Duhamel, Sonia Braga, Jennifer Coolidge, and a large cast.

The actress and A-Rod looked very affectionate as they rested on the side of their suite.

The couple recently admitted that they were ‘working on some aspects of their relationship, following rumors that they were separating.

Photos taken by the Daily Mail show Alex and Jennifer kissing, before taking a lunch break on the terrace, both focused on Alex’s iPad.

According to the publication, for their children, they’re both trying to make the relationship work again.

They said there are no third parties involved.