Demi Lovato’s friend, Dani Vitale, was stigmatized by the singer’s overdose


The dancer was lynched on social media and was noted as to blame for the singer’s condition.

Demi Lovato’s friend revealed that she lost her job because she had been singled out as responsible for the overdose that almost killed the singer.

When the singer went to the hospital with a stroke for consuming fentanyl, a day earlier she had celebrated her birthday Dani Vitale, one of Demi’s best friends, and who is a dancer, was lynched on social media pointing to her as a bad influence and responsible for Lovato’s condition.

In the documentary ‘Dancing with the Devil’, Vitale stated, “I lost all my jobs as a teacher, no one wants an alleged ‘drug-dealing teacher’ to teach her children.”

On her Instagram account Dani Vitale, who has been part of Demi Lovato’s show on several occasions, claims that she has never used drugs and that that fateful night she was not with the singer, and that what happened has also led to friends and artists she had worked with, having set her aside so as not to be involved in that problem.

The singer he he he he has stated that she regrets that her friend Dani has been the victim of such rumors and speculation.