Actor Johnny Depp seeks appeal in case of defamation


Depp wants to appeal last November’s ruling, where a London court endorsed the “wife-striker” label.

Johnny Depp will seek permission on Thursday to appeal against his defeat in a defamation case in London last year for a tabloid article that labeled him a wife hitter.

Depp, the protagonist of films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, had come to the London court to sue The Sun newspaper and one of his journalists for an article that said he had been violent with Heard.

“I have found that the vast majority of Ms. Heard’s alleged assaults by Mr. Depp have been tested to civilian standard,” Judge Andrew Nicol said in his November ruling.

Depp’s lawyers said the ruling was so flawed that it would be ridiculous if he didn’t appeal. They found it unbelievable that the judge had based on Heard’s testimony while rejecting evidence from police officers, his former assistant, and other witnesses who, they said, had undermined his evidence.

On Thursday, Depp’s legal team will apply for permission to appeal and rely on more evidence.

Depp has also filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard in a Virginia court for an opinion paper he wrote in The Washington Post.