Paris Hilton suffers unfortunate costume failure


The heiress recreated the look she sported 19 years ago on her 21st birthday, but when she turned around, she showed a little too much.

Paris Hilton looked sensational while recreating the look she wore 19 years earlier at the Grammy Awards.

The silver mesh-level dress she wore at her 21st birthday party in 2002 is considered one of her most iconic looks.

And the 40-year-old star was eager to show off her sensational figure in a new updated version of Julien McDonald’s dress but left fans wondering if she had bragged too much when she did an unfortunate pose.

Paris, as she turned to show the backless nature of her outfit, ended up giving the illusion that she was posing topless.

However, by showing the look from the front, Paris proved that this was not the case.

She caught her eye in the short dress that accentuated her slender legs and small body.