After the long interview with Oprah Winfrey given by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you read a lot of jokes about whether they gave material to write the upcoming seasons of The Crown.

In fact, the creator of the British Royal Family series, Peter Morgan, had already stated that we will not see the story of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in future episodes.

Last year, Morgan had explained to THR that he was sticking to a “20-year rule– that is, writing the script only of events that occurred more than 20 years ago.

I think everything gets more interesting over time. Meghan and Harry are in the middle of their journey and I don’t know how their journey will end. It is hoped with happiness, but I am much more comfortable writing about things that happened at least 20 years ago” he said.

Enough time and distance to really understand something, to understand its role, its location, its relevance. Sometimes the things that seem wildly important to us today, are instantly forgotten. Other things have a habit of staying and proving that they are historically very relevant and lasting. I don’t know in the scheme of things whether Meghan Markle or Harry will appear.”

The difference is also between writing fiction and writing news: “It takes time to make something no longer journalistic. I don’t want to write about them because doing so would make it journalistic and there are already a lot of journalists already writing about them ” had continued the creator of The Crown.

You have to allow to have the opportunity of a metaphor. Once something has metaphorical possibilities, it can become interesting. You can, for example, tell harry and Meghan’s story through analogies and metaphors– if that’s what you want to do. Because there have been examples in the past, whether it’s with Wallis Simpson and Edward VII or whether it’s with Diana and Prince Charles. There are a lot of opportunities in the past, with marital complications. There were wives of royals who didn’t feel welcome. There are plenty of stories to tell without telling Harry and Meghan’s story.”


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Prince Harry recently revealed that he had seen The Crown and spoke about the difference between fiction and journalism, explaining that he is more comfortable ” with the series than with the stories I see written about my family, my wife orme.

Because the series is clearly fiction while certain articles according to him: “They report things like a fact because they should be newspapers. I have a real problem with this.”