Lack of privacy and baseless gossip are two of the unpleasant sides of fame, and Selena Gomez has spoken about it in the pages of the Los Angeles Times, referring to a recent example.

These are some photos taken by paparazzi last February in New York, in which the artist could be seen walking arm in arm with actor Aaron Dominguez (you can see them here on a fan Instagram account). The images had started rumors about a new couple alert and Aaron’s social media had been invading with negative comments (he himself had put them back in the Stories, laughing at us), but in reality, they were simply shooting a scene from the series Only Murders in the Building, of which they are protagonists.

Selena Gomez has now said her own and explained that this is why ” the boys don’t want to go out” with her:

We had just started working together. I honestly thought, ‘No wonder the guys don’t want to go out with me!’ I think people care just because I’m young, the older I get, the less they’ll care.”

For now it’s a part of the job I don’t like at all. I’m actually grateful not to be involved with anyone at the moment.”


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In another recent interview, the 28-year-old said she can no longer recognize whether people like it for who she really is.

She left mentioning the cast of WaverlyWizards, the series that launched her career: “They were there first. They loved me for who I am and they still do. I can’t say I have this anymore. I can’t meet anyone and know if they like me the way I am. To be honest, I’d like a fresh start, that everything was new. I wish someone would love me as if I were new.” told Vogue USA.