Paris Jackson defends herself after being criticized by photo with Emile Hirsch


Michael Jackson’s daughter posted a photo showing alongside the actor and received criticism for the age difference.

After sharing a photo with actor Emile Hirsch in his Instagram Stories, some Paris Jackson followers criticized the fact that he was supposedly dating an older boy, as she is 22 years old and he was 35.

Paris shared the image, where she appears to be getting a kiss on the cheek, and the reaction from some fans was negative, but she responded to criticism through social media.

One user commented in a couple’s post on Emile’s account: “She’s only 22 years old and he’s 35…”.

Another was surprised: “Can anyone tell me what’s going on there?”

Michael Jackson’s daughter was not silent in the face of people’s astonishment:

“He’s actually one of my youngest friends, ” he answered. “One of my best friends is 50 years old. You probably don’t have friends older than you, because older people may find you bored or immature hahaha. “He assured.

“Not to mention another friend of mine is 76,” Paris added. “Age is a number, I enjoy the company of people of all ages. I am a student and teacher of people 5 years younger than me and people 50 years older than me. There’s nothing wrong with that, ” he said.


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