While “drivers license” continues to be at the top of the music charts around the world, Olivia Rodrigo has said that she has been dealing with some inconvenience in her path to get a driver’s license (“drivers license” means her own driver’s license).

When I got my driver’s license, it was actually my fourth attempt” revealed the 18-year-old to PopCrush.


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The first two times she could not go to the appointment with the exam for several reasons: “The first time was canceled due to covid. The second time I had to cancel because of High School Musical, the series I play in because I was shooting and I couldn’t go.”

The third time she managed to get to the DMV, but she was faced with another unexpected: ” I managed to go, I flew from Utah to Los Angeles just to do the exam because I had to take it in California. I’m sitting in the car, which is my mom’s, the examiner comes in and starts checking everything out. Check the headlights, arrows, etc. At one point he tells me to honk. I try and it does network, the horn on my mom’s car is wrong. She had no idea, for she hardly ever uses it, she is the calmest person in the world.”

The examiner tells me, ‘Your car is legally insecure, you can’t take the test, go home.’ And I’m like, ‘Nooo.’ They didn’t even let me drive out of the DMV, I was so angry, I started crying in the parking lot.”

At the next attempt, she finally succeeded: “But the fourth time I made it, I took my driver’s license.

In short, it took less to write “driver’s license” than to really take the license. Olivia Rodrigo had in fact told that the song was born without thinking too much about it: “I was driving around my neighborhood, listening to sad songs and crying in the car. I came home and said to myself, ‘Maybe I’ll write a song about this, about crying in the car.’

So I sat on the piano, played some piano, and that’s how it happened. It was very, very natural.”