Miley Cyrus played Hannah Montana from 2006 to 2011: now she has explained how acting and finding her first successes in the series has influenced her to a point she called “identity crisis“.

The parallels between her life and that of the character had also been accomplice: the secret alter ego of Hannah Montana, a famous singer in the series, was a teenager named Miley.

Bangerz was the first record, the first I hadn’t been on a TV show for the previous 10 years – she started telling on the Podcast Rock This – Talking about identity crisis, I went from being a character almost as much as I was myself. The core of the show was that when you were this character, then you had value. You had millions of fans, you were the biggest star in the world. And again, when I looked at myself without a wig, no one cared about me. I was no longer a star.”


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The 28-year-old then reiterated the fact that the thought had cemented in her head that without Hannah Montana: “no one cared about me” and for this reason felt the need ” to break ” totally with the past, in order to grow up as an artist.

But since she was 13 years old as a child when she debuted with the series – she had learned to play a character, the result had been to create others, sometimes extreme while starting from herself:

I think that’s why I’ve created versions of myself at times, it was a start of awareness that as people see me it can be more important than what I mean. I never created a character that wasn’t me, but I was aware of what people say about me and I played with it. Like when I noticed that people were interested in me making a bad tongue. If they told me to stop, I did it more.”


Miley Cyrus had already talked about this topic in an interview with Rolling Stones USA last December.

 I had to evolve because Hannah was a great, amazing, older thing than me. I felt like I wasn’t going to have the same amount of success as Hannah Montana,” she said.

A decade after the end of the series, Miley Cyrus now jokes about it: in recent days she has recreated Hannah Montana together with her friend and colleague Lil Nas X!