Prince Charles fears for ‘toxic consequences’ for Prince Harry after interview


The Prince of Wales has divided feelings, between the integrity of the crown and his affection for his “rebellious” son.

Prince Charles is believed to have “deep misgivings” once Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s revelatory interview with Oprah Winfrey is broadcast.

Charles is no stranger to media scrutiny, considering his marital difficulties, but a royal commentator has told the Express newspaper that he will be divided over his roles as future king and father of Prince Harry, after the special broadcast.

“When you see the interview with Oprah, Prince Charles is likely to have profound doubts,” the commentator said.

“Speculation about the bitter relationship between the Royal Family and the Sussex has focused on the Queen’s decisions at the Sandringham Summit, the fight between William and Harry, and a number of other rumors, but few have involved him and Camilla.

“Perhaps he has tried to play a mediating role behind the scenes, especially given his own marital difficulties.”

Considering his own experience in the real spotlight, Charles is believed to possibly sympathize with his son.

He has known periods of high praise and has also periodically been the target of the media’s fury.

“Here you should have some sympathy for your child.”

In addition, the commentator claimed that Charles fears that Harry has been lost since leaving the royal family.

“Prince Charles must also be concerned that Harry has become so rebellious.”

“He will appear for some time with Meghan in Oprah. How sensational this will be will depend, not on the progress, but on what is actually talked about there.”

“We don’t know, of course, the interview may be more balanced in context, but the consequences can also be so toxic that their effects still feel when their father (Charles) one day ascends to the throne,” the commentator adds to the publication.