Paris Hilton surprised with apology from Sarah Silverman


The comedian apologized for joking about her arrest for DUI during the 2007 MTV Movie Awards.

Paris Hilton was “very surprised” when Sarah Silverman apologized for joking about her arrest for DUI during the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, but “appreciates” the gesture.

The 40-year-old heiress reflected earlier this week on how uncomfortable she felt about the joke, which led the comedian to apologize in a new episode of her podcast, and now the performer of ‘Stars Are Blind’ has thanked Sarah for speaking.

She said: “I didn’t expect an apology. I wasn’t asking for one, it was just my sister (Nicki), you know, being very protective and wanting an apology. So, yes, I was very surprised when I got it.”

“I really appreciate it very much, and I’m glad your comedy has grown and you realize it’s not nice to make fun of people. And I think everybody learns that in life.”

“Sarah is funny as if she had listened to her comedy and always had been a big fan. Well, before that moment, and I always think it was a lot of fun, but not when he makes fun of people. I think it’s funny when she’s just being funny.”

In her apology, Sarah recalled how her “heart sank” when she saw how upset Paris was about her joke, in which she claimed that the bars in her cell would be painted to “look like penises,” so she worried that the heiress would “break” her teeth,” and then wrote a letter asking for forgiveness, but never received an answer.

Paris insisted that she never received the letter and admitted that there would be “meaning a lot” to her if she had.