Nicki Minaj is accused of trying to “silence” her husband’s accuser


The woman who accused Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty of rape, says Nicki wants to shut her up with the money.

The woman who accused Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty of rape, is talking. And she claims that Nicki and the people on her team have been trying to silence her, making threats against her life, and even offering her financial payments to her portraying herself in her story.

Since the public learned of Nicki Minaj’s relationship with his childhood friend, there has been nothing but controversy, rumors, and accusations about the man of his life. People rushed to look for information about him and the world soon uncovered the allegations of rape against him.

After marrying in 2019, the singer used her Queen Radio platform to respond to people who criticized her relationship with a convicted sex offender, defending her decision.

Well, now Kenneth’s accuser, who only identifies as ‘Jennifer’, is talking about the threats and intimidation she’s been suffering for several months.

In April 1995, Petty was convicted of attempted first-degree rape for an assault in 1994 that occurred when both he and the victim were 16. Jennifer said she was walking to school when Petty approached her from behind, pressed an object on her back, and told her to “keep walking.” They ended up in Petty’s residence and she said she allegedly forced her up the stairs and began raping her at knifepoint. She was able to hit him with a bottle, escape, and immediately reported the incident.

Both Nicki and Kenneth, who welcomed a son last September, deny that the incident happened and claim they were actually a couple. Jennifer says that’s completely false.

In 2020, Jennifer said Nicki was being harassed to retract her story.

Jennifer says she moved out three times in 2020 for fear of her safety. The last time he left the state, separating himself from his 22-year-old daughter.

The state of California dismissed his case against Petty for not registering as a sex offender last year in light of similar federal charges, for which Petty faces a trial in June. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Jennifer described the “mental confusion” that began last March, when Petty’s arrest in California prompted a network of relatives and neighbors to contact her on her behalf and Minaj’s.

Jennifer also said she has been in touch with U.S. marshals, who recently told her that an investigation of the Pettys is underway and that they have found evidence. A source familiar with the conversation confirmed this and said the authorities called the investigation a “high-priority case.”