Taylor Swift is the idol of millions of fans and among them, there is a particularly lucky one: Olivia Rodrigo!

The “driver’s license” singer has revealed that she has received a gift from her famous colleague and it is a very special thought.

The 18-year-old herself revealed this, explaining how Tay Tay is: ” The kindest individual in the world at all ” she told Sirius XM radio.

Last night, literally 12 hours ago, I received a package sent by her with a handwritten letter – she continued – Inside was a ring that told me that being the same as what she wore when she wrote ‘Red’. He wanted me to have one like that. The gift was hand-wrapped by her.”

Olivia Rodrigo said she was stunned by the gift and was grateful to have Taylor Swift’s support: ” I didn’t even understand how she found me, first of all. But I feel so lucky to be born at the right time to be able to look at someone like her. I think she’s amazing. All his support, genuine enthusiasm for me is so surreal“.

Finally, she revealed a small part of what the “Evermore” artist wrote to her in the letter: ” She said: ‘I think we are the one who creates our fortune. When you are kind to people and do what is right, everything comes back in the best way.”

Olivia Rodrigo has already told in the past how important Taylor Swift is to her and that she dreams of finding herself in the studio with her myth.

When she came out with a “driver’s license” Tay Tay had let her know publicly that she was proud of her.