Slumdog Millionaire actor accused of sexual assault


Actor Madhur Mittal has been signed by police after being accused of sexually assaulting and beating his ex-girlfriend on February 13.

Indian actor Madhur Mittal, who appeared in the hit Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire, was signed after allegations of sexual assault against him emerged.

On 23 February, a complaint was reportedly filed against Mittal, under which he is being investigated for sexually assaulting and beating his ex-girlfriend on 13 February at his Mumbai residence.

According to a source close to the victim, “The two had friends in common, after which he added her on social media. They approached and he asked her out. They’ve been seeing each other for two months. They split up and Madhur couldn’t deal with the breakup.”

“I was recording in Jaipur. Furious, he landed in Mumbai and entered his Bandra residence on February 13. Unable to accept rejection, he tried to impose himself on it. He tried to see her again on the 15th, but the woman’s lawyer, Niranjani Shetty asked her to leave the facility and he complied.”

In response to the allegations, Mittal says the claims are false.

In a recently issued statement, he said, “Getting to learn about things that aren’t true is extremely disturbing. There have been WhatsApp messages full of stories that are killing my career. These are being forwarded for weeks in the casting director groups denying me work. I’m the only member of my family to make money since the age of seven, and all these media reports affect me, my family, and my career in more ways than you can imagine. I urge everyone not to jump to conclusions about me through these unilateral media reports. I have faith in the law and the truth will soon come to light.”