Prince William and Kate Middleton will return to Kensington Palace


Now that England will begin to relax the restrictions and blockades by the covid-19, the dukes will return home.

Now that England will begin to relax restrictions and blockades on covid-19 from 8 March, the Dukes of Cambridge could return home to Kensington Palace

Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently in their second home, Anmer Hall in Norfolk, in the midst of the closing period, but are likely to soon return to their main base.

The royal couple and their two eldest sons, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will have to resume their studies at Thomas’s School in Battersea, where they are both students.

Starting March 8, people in England will see restrictions begin to disappear when their government will offer a route back to a more normal life.

“The success of the vaccination program is a factor, so far more than 17 million people have received their injections. The public has also faced the challenge of suppressing COVID-19: obeying the law; stay home; be tested when necessary; isolate yourself when necessary and continue to wash your hands, using mouth covers and taking care of healthy distance,” the local authorities said.