Britney Spears’ father will “release” her when she is able to control her finances


The singer’s father would no longer love it if it was necessary to take care of her daughter’s fortune. “It’s up to her,” he says.

Jamie Spears, Britney Spears’ father, said she would “love” to end the singer’s controversial tutelage when it becomes clear that she can control her own finances.

His lawyer, Vivian Lee Thoreen, told CNN that ‘to end guardianship, it’s all up to Britney.’

Jamie Spears, who has dealt with the singer’s well-being and finance since her collapse in 2008, has been continually criticized for refusing to back down and give her daughter freedom, resulting in a long legal battle.

“[Jamie] would love to see that Britney no longer needs guardianship. Whether or not there will be an end to guardianship really depends on Britney,” the legal representative suggested.

Thoreen added: “Jamie is not suggesting that he is the perfect father or that he would receive some father of the year award. Like any parent, he doesn’t always agree with what Britney might want, but Jamie believes that every decision he made was in her best interest,” she explains.

The last decision came after the pop singer filed a petition with the Los Angeles Superior Court to dismiss Jamie as the sole curator of his assets. Instead, Britney proposed that a financial institution replace her father and manage her important estate.

Although Britney’s proposal was rejected, the Bessemer Trust was appointed co-conservative and corporate trustees in November, along with her father.

The lawyer had previously revealed that Jamie decided to seek Spears’ guardianship when she learned that her millions had disappeared from her bank account and only had $2 million in her account, which led her to think that at the time, someone was taking advantage of the singer.