Paris Hilton is obsessed with her engagement ring


According to socialite, the piece made to order has a “cute” love story.

Socialite Paris Hilton shared the story of her engagement ring given to her by her boyfriend Carter Reum.

During an on-air appearance with Ryan Seacrest, the 40-year-old woman showed off her huge stone and shared that she was “inspired by the [coffee] La Palette in Paris.”

“He has a beautiful love story, ” he said as he showed the emerald-cut ring.

“It’s called The Paris.”

“I’m so obsessed with him … has about 15 diamonds around and then inside it has a ‘P’ with a sapphire,” he said effusively.

Paris on February 17 had announced his engagement to Carter.

Using Twitter, the socialite and TV star shared photos of the marriage proposal with her fans.

“When you find your soul mate, you don’t just know. You’re sorry. Carter got down on his knees. I said yes, with all the joy, confidence, and comfort that comes with knowing that he is more than my love. He’s my twin flame, my other half, my best friend, and my soul mate. To see more closely my fairy tale commitment, click on the link on the timeline to visit”

The images showed the couple dressed in white and hugging after Reum handed Hilton a ring.