Ashley Benson does not want to” exploit ” her love stories to make her talk about herself but on the contrary, prefers to keep them private and thus “protect ” them.

The Pretty Little Liars star talked about it on cosmopolitan pages – she’s currently single, but the interview was done while still dating G-Eazy. The report ended last February.

The paper cited the fact that ex-girlfriend Cara Delevingne had publicly defended her in May 2020, when the actress began dating the rapper shortly after their breakup: “Only she and I know the truth” she had written in a Story.

Ashley Benson had not commented on the model’s statement and has now explained why: “I usually keep my relationships private. Of course, you can’t help it if you’re photographed together. But I think it’s more sacred that way.”

Those are private moments for you and your partner, I think it’s best not to expose too much. You can really protect your relationship if you don’t exploit it.”

She then recounted how paparazzi are a constant presence in her life: ” I can’t leave my house without being followed every day. I don’t want pictures and it’s annoying. It’s a complete invasion of privacy.”

In New York, things are better than when he’s in Los Angeles: ” In New York, I can go for coffee and then take the subway and I’m never bothered. If I see any photographers, they’re so nice that I show them their thumbs down and they leave me alone. But in L.A., they harass you and keep following you until you end up having an accident. I’m very lucky because I was able to buy a house in New York and live on both coasts. When I get tired of New York I go to L.A. and vice versa.”


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It would have been Ashley Benson who left G-Eazy last February because she wouldn’t see him engaged enough in the relationship. They had come together in spring 2020.

Just before that came the news of the end of the two-year relationship between the actress and Cara Delevingne.