Lady Gaga will pay the medical bills of her dog caregiver Ryan Fisher


The singer also plans to “compensate” her dog caretaker, who nearly lost her life to protect them.

Lady Gaga will pay her dog walker’s medical bills after two men who stole her dogs shot him four times in the chest. Ryan Fischer, 30, was walking the beloved French bulldogs of pop star Koji, Miss Asia, and Gustavo in West Hollywood on Wednesday night (24.02.21) when he was attacked by two men, who shot him four times in the chest before running off with two of the three dogs.

After the incident, Ryan was rushed to the hospital in a “serious” condition, but is now, fortunately, said to be stable, and doctors insist he will make a full recovery.

And now, sources close to Lady Gaga, who had her dogs returned on Friday (26.02.21) at night after a woman found them tied to a pole in an alley, have revealed that the singer of ‘Shallow’ intends to “compensate” Ryan for his “bravery.”

One source told the Sunday Mirror: “Gaga feels awful about what happened to Ryan and wants to make sure he’s taken care of.

“She absolutely adores him and will always be indebted to him for his bravery. She also wanted to compensate him for the lost work and wishes him a prompt recovery.”