This was what Kylie Jenner wanted when she was giving birth to her daughter Stormi


The socialite said she had a very special craving while in her daughter’s labor.

Kylie Jenner revealed this week that during her Stormi labor, she just wanted to eat bread from the famous Craig’s restaurant. He said that throughout childbirth he was just thinking about it.

Kylie gave birth to her daughter, who had Travis Scott, and said nothing about the pregnancy until after the girl was born on February 1, 2018.

When Stormi was born, Kylie had a strong desire to eat Craig’s bread and revealed that it became her first snack after becoming a mother.

Through her stories this week, over dinner with her dad Caitlyn Jenner, she showed the sandwich while dining at the restaurant.

She shared a picture of the bread at the table and said, “A curious fact, Craig’s in Los Angeles has the best bread in the world, specifically this one.”

And the cosmetics tycoon added, “And that’s why I kept wanting it throughout my labor, and it was the first thing I ate after giving birth to Stormi,” she said.