Prince Philip will continue to be hospitalized


The husband of the queen of England will spend her second weekend in the hospital, where she is treated for an infection.

Prince Philip, 99, will spend his second weekend in the hospital while recovering from an infection, as revealed by real sources.

Last week it was reported that the Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, was admitted to the nosocomial as a precautionary measure after feeling ill.

The idea that he had felt bad after receiving the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine was initially raised in the media, but that information has not been confirmed.

Buckingham Palace said Philip entered the hospital units helplessly and received medical attention for an infection.

In Tuesday’s last update (23), the Palace said, “He is comfortable and responds to treatment, but should not leave the hospital for several days.”

This is already Philip’s longest hospitalization since June 2013, when he underwent an exploratory operation on his abdomen.

Earlier this week, Prince Edward said that he had spoken to his father on the phone and that he had told him that he felt “much better.”

“As far as I know, well, I talked to him the other day, so he’s much better, thank you very much, and he’s looking forward to leaving, which is a very positive thing. So let’s cross our fingers.

When asked if Philip was frustrated to be in the hospital, Edward laughed and replied, “Just a little. I think it affects all of us, and then you can only look at the clock so many times and the walls are very interesting.”

The Earl of Wessex added: “We received some bright and charming messages from all kinds of people and we really appreciate it and so does he. I’ve been delivering them. It’s fantastic, thank you.”

Despite Edward’s comments, according to The Sun newspaper, over the weekend, Prince Charles visited his father in the hospital and “seemed worried” when he left the site.

The publication also reveals that Prince Harry allegedly called his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, to ask him about his grandmother’s health last week.