Prince Harry criticized for damaging queen’s message for interview with James Corden


The royal experts were not impressed by Prince Harry’s interview with James Corden after leaving the royal family.

Prince Harry is blamed for directly affecting Queen Elizabeth in his last interview with James Corden.

According to critics, the Duke of Sussex deliberately set out to divert attention from the Queen’s generous action to boost the use of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Royal expert Robert Jobson was not impressed by Prince Harry’s interview and his resignation from his duties.

“On the day the Queen issued a very, very important message about vaccination, that message was soiled by Harry, the man who wants a private life, talking about his private life again,” he said.

Meanwhile, royalty expert Phil Dampier expressed his contempt by saying, While the Queen urges us to think of others, Prince Harry off in Los Angeles and makes the absurd claim that he has not strayed from royalty. What planet are you on? Hollywood, I suppose.”