Lili Reinhart details the “intense” nature of fan support


Riverdale’s actress loves the affection of her fans but says they sometimes get into fights on Twitter.

Hollywood actress Lili Reinhart is candid about the impact of her fans’ support on upcoming Riverdale episodes.

Reinhart was quoted by IANS saying: “Fan support is excellent, but it can be very intense. Sometimes people get into verbal fights on Twitter and you think ‘Woah, guys… Calm down. That is, there is no need to argue.'”

“But on the other hand, there are no words to explain how it feels to see people so excited about our program. The support is immense.”

She added: “There’s a strange moment when you realize when you remember people admiring you like Lili, not just Betty. That’s when I remind myself, ‘Oh, they’re not here just for the show.’ They’re here because they support us as human beings. It’s really touching.”