They dismiss advice from Gwyneth Paltrow to overcome Covid-19 sequels


British NHS Medical Director asks Gwyneth Paltrow to act more “seriously and cautiously.”

Gwyneth Paltrow, who through her Goop portal became a well-being guru, has taken a big hit from a scientist for her recommendations for overcoming the aftermath left by covid-19.

The actress and entrepreneur, who recovered from coronavirus, recommends on her portal those who overtopped this disease, follow the ‘keto’ diet, which consists of intermittent fasts, followed by supplements and serums containing vitamin C, as well as morning sessions of an infrared sauna. With these types of therapies, sequelae such as fatigue and mental confusion are promised.

Faced with this kind of misinformation, Professor Stephen Powis, medical director of the British National Health System, told the BBC about Paltrow’s recommendations: “We need to take coronavirus seriously and apply serious science. All influential people who use social media have a responsibility and a duty to act cautiously. Like the virus, misinformation crosses borders, mutates, and evolves. So I think YouTube and other platforms have real responsibility and an opportunity in this situation.”