Gigi Hadid has started studying a new language and you will feel proud of her: yes, because it Italian!

The model revealed in Stories that older sister Alana Hadid (they have the same dad, Mohamed Hadid)gave her the idea to take an online course to learn our language.

My sister @lanzybear inspired me to start my new quarantine activity,” she wrote in a Stories above a screenshot in which she is seen downloading a learning app.

On Twitter, the 25-year-old instead gave an update on how the course goes, when the @hadidmuse fan account run by a person from our country asked her: ” What did you learn in the first lesson? As an Italian, I would like to know.”

Gigi Hadid explained that the first lesson was easy, but now things get complicated: “Hello, good morning, how are you, etc. That’s why I was doing well… now it is to me, you, him, her. Lol” wrote, adding fatigued emojis.

We know that our language with its grammar rules is complicated to learn, but also that it will give it beautiful satisfaction!

The supermodel then responded to a Spanish fan, saying that she learned her language at school and that now this base is helping her with Italian.

 I know a good amount of Spanish, I studied it in school. I’m a little shy when it comes to talking about it, but I understand a lot. And he’s helping with the Italian.”

Good luck to Gigi Hadid for this new adventure: if she ever needs to have a little conversation, we’re sure she’d find a lot of native-speaking fans very willing to help her out!

We remind you that the model became the mother of a little girl with Zayn Malik: the little girl is called Khai and was born in September 2020.