After speculation that Emma Watson could say goodbye to the scenes, the denial came– she has no intention of stopping being an actress!

The rumors started with a news report published yesterday by the Daily Mail, in which a source insinuated that the star’s career was “hibernation“. The journalist who signed the article had added a personal consideration of her own, writing that “hibernation seems to be a cinematic way of saying to leave acting “.

So the case had broken out: Emma Watson’s name had been on-trend all day and there had been talking of her wanting to retire.

The 30-year-old actress’s manager– Jason Weinberg of Untitled Entertainment – responded to this gossip with a statement sent to Entertainment Tonight in which she explained that even if we don’t see her on Instagram and company, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be an actress anymore.

 Emma’s social media is hibernation, but her career is not,” Weinberg said.


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The Daily Mail also spoke about Emma Watson’s relationship with Leo Robinton, explaining that they would stay in Ibiza for several weeks until last January and that they are currently in Los Angeles.

The American actress and entrepreneur have been dating since 2019. One of the couple’s most recent sightings is last November.

Emma’s last film, which became famous with Harry Potter, was Little Women released in 2019. We look forward to knowing which projects you will choose in the future!