Get ready to see Prince Harry as you’ve never seen him before, without crowned head formalities!

After confirmation last week that he and Meghan Markle will not return as ” working members” of the Royal Family, as we had anticipated here the Duke of Sussex starred in a segment of the TV show The Late Late Show.

Presenter James Corden (and his friend) took him on a tour of Los Angeles aboard a tour bus and the 36-year-old revealed that he had never been on the top open floor of double buses: ” We weren’t allowed.

At one point, James stopped to show him the house of Willy the Prince of Bel-Air, joking that a real prince should live there. The 36-year-old proved to know the series, singing the beginning of the theme song.

Just as they were standing in front of the villa, the host video called Meghan Markle and she revealed the nickname she uses to call her husband: Haz! “Haz, how’s your lap of Los Angeles going?” asked him.


Prince Harry then described when he realized the 39-year-old was the right one and what it’s like to go on a romantic date with a royal: ‘ On the second date I started thinking: ‘wow, this is really special. It was the way we felt good about each other, just at ease.”

 Hanging out with me or any other member of the Royal Family is, I guess, all upside down. All appointments become a dinner party, or watching TV or chatting, at home. And then, in the case and when you become a couple, then you venture out for dinner, at the movies, etc. So everything went backward for Meghan and me. So we spent a huge amount of time just the two of us, instead of going to friends’ house or out to dinner, where there are other distractions. There were no distractions and that was great. We went from zero to a hundred in the first two months.”

Fast forward to today, Harry and Meghan are Archie’s parents: ” My son is a little over a year and a half old. It’s a blast. He’s got the most amazing personality. He already knows how to put three, four words together. He already sings songs ” said the proud dad, before adding that his first word was “Crocodile“.

The other word Archie loves is waffle: “My grandmother – harry said, referring of course and no less than Queen Elizabeth II – asked us what Archie wanted for Christmas and Meg answered a waffle machine. So he sent it to Archie. So now for breakfast, Meg makes these nice organic waffles. He loves them. He wakes up in the morning and says, ‘waffle.’

Prince Harry has spoken of The Crown, explaining that he is more comfortable ” with the series than with the stories I see written about my family, my wife or me “, because The Crown is clearly fiction while certain articles: ” They report things like a fact because they should be newspapers. I have a real problem with this.”

He also knows what actor he would like to play in the series: Damian Lewis.

Finally, one could not fail to mention the historic step backward from the status of senior of the British royal family, announced in January 2020 and confirmed a week ago: ” It was never a question of leaving – said Harry – It was to take a step back, not resign. You know, it was a very difficult environment, as I think a lot of people have seen.”

“We all know what the English press can be like and it was destroying my mental health. I thought, ‘This is toxic.’ So I did what every other husband and father would do. I said to myself, ‘I have to get my family out of here.’ But I never left. As far as I’m concerned, whatever decisions are made that way, I’ll never leave. I will always contribute, my life is public service, so wherever I am in the world, it will always remain the same.”

You can see all of James Corden’s interview with Prince Harry in the video: