Emma Watson’s name is on-trend these hours, with plenty of fans commenting on social media that she might stop acting.

But why are we talking about a hypothetical farewell to the actress scenes and how real is behind these rumors?

The Daily Mail article


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It all started with a news story published by the Daily Mail under the column “Talk of the Town” and signed by the editor Charlotte Griffiths.

Griffiths reports what one of her sources told her, namely that: “Emma is not showing up around, she is settling with Leo. They’re keeping a low profile. Perhaps he wants to put on a family.”

Leo as Leo Robinton, the American entrepreneur the actress has been dating since 2019.

The editor then quoted Emma Watson’s publicist, who would say that the star’s career would be “hibernation and that she ” is not making any new work commitments”.

Charlotte Griffiths added her own consideration, writing that “hibernation seems to be a cinematic way of saying to leave acting. ”

Finally she claimed to have heard that for several weeks until last January or Emma and Leo lived in Ibiza and that currently the 30-year-old is in Los Angeles.

The considerations in the article

As the name of the “Talk of the Town” column says, these, for now, seem like just talk.

You saw above that neither the source nor the publicist talked about a withdrawal of the scenes. The hypothetical farewell to acting is mentioned only in Charlotte Griffiths ‘ personal note about the words “hibernation“.

Emma Watson may simply have taken a break, to focus on private life as the insider claimed.

There are two thoughts to add: the first is that Emma has always been very reserved and is not among the stars who are often seen around beyond work commitments. It has already happened that two years passed between his films, as between Cologne in 2015 and Beauty and the Beast in 2017.

The actress’s last film, which became famous with Harry Potter, was Little Women released in 2019.

And then there’s the historical period that we’re experiencing, that doesn’t make it easy to make a movie and that’s pushing several stars to take it more calmly in their careers, prioritising personal life.

Like all fans, we hope these will remain just English tabloid entries, known for often emphasizing headlines to create attention. Who knows, maybe the same star will notice all this talk about her and let us know how things really are!

Emma Watson’s relationship with Leo Robinson

On the romance with Leo Robinson, here’s how things turned out: they were first seen together in October 2019. At the time it was not known who he was, but a kiss had been photographed that left no doubt about the status of the relationship.

By April 2020, British tabloids had managed to find out the identity of the entrepreneur and a source added that the story was already serious, so much so that the actress had introduced him to his parents Jacqueline and Chris. The insider added that, in an effort to protect privacy, Leo Robinton had taken off all social media.

By November 2020, Emma Watson had been photographed again in the company of Leo Robinton, inferring that they were still a couple.