America Ferrera debuts as director in Netflix film


The actress of Honduran origin is very excited to premiere as a film director.

América Ferrera will make her debut as director of a Netflix film, based on the novel ‘I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter’, by Mexican-born American writer Erika L. Sánchez.

Ferrera, an actress of Honduran origin, who in other projects worked on ‘Ugly Betty’, is very excited to premiere as a film director, as she had participated in ‘Gentefied’, a television series of great Latin flavor: “Years ago I fell in love with this impressive novel by Erika L. Sánchez, the depth, ingenuity and acute intelligence of her writing, together with her young Latin heroine beat me full, left me wanting much more.”

America said the script was by Linda Yvette Chavez, who made a beautiful adaptation of this novel whose story tells the story of Julia, a young Latina who explores her identity and family relationships after her sister Olga, who appeared to be the ideal daughter, died in an accident.