If you love Shawn Mendes for his pure soul that is reflected in the music he publishes, someone who knows him very well is ready to confirm that the artist is just like that!

This is John Mayer, singer-songwriter very famous especially in the United States as well as (for gossip lovers) Katy perry’s ex-boyfriend. The 43-year-old has been friends with his 22-year-old colleague for some time and has now found himself talking about him in an interview on SiriusXM radio.

What he said will make you realize how special Shawn really is!

 Every time I see it it’s a gift. I’d do anything for that kid. I love it. He’s so pure. It’s so pure” he began.

They have been compared in the past to being both songwriters with their faithful guitar, but according to John Mayer: “He is an artist without the trauma. Many artists are born from a kind of catalytic thing of which that trauma is part. But when I look at him, I say to myself, ‘You are me without being shaken like a can of soda.’


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The singer went on to say that they often hear each other and, although he is older and therefore with more experience behind him, he asks Shawn Mendes for advice and also follows them: ” We text each other a lot. He has fantastic tastes and opinions about things, we both look for them. It’s not some sort of Obi-Wan and Lukething,” he said, referring to the master and student relationship of the Star Wars characters.

“I’ll give him my own things and he gives me a really good perspective on them. I just talked to him about the cover of my new album, you know? I was undecided whether to put myself on the cover and he said, ‘The world vuoel a record with you on the cover.’ So he convinced me and I’ll be there on the cover of the next album.”

John Mayer is a fan of Shawn Mendes and vice versa. Shawn’s girlfriend, Camila Cabello, also loves the American singer-songwriter, and had shown it by moving to his concert!