Robert Pattinson’s double has Covid-19 and filming is paused again


Production of The Batman had to slow filming for the next 10 days after the recent results…

The current pandemic hits back the set of the film ‘The Batman’. According to The Sun newspaper, another team member is now with Covid-19.

According to sources from the English publication, Robert Pattinson’s double action in the film allegedly tested positive for the coronavirus.

The individual and those inside his bubble were ordered to isolate themselves for 10 days, so filming was paused once again.

This is the fourth time covid has stopped production.

Filming ceased when everyone crashed a year ago, and then Pattinson reportedly tested positive for the virus in September, shortly after director Matt Reeves started filming again.

Another double contracted it in November, which caused further delays.

The action scenes at Warner Bros Studios in Hertfordshire, England, stopped after twice as many stunts contracted the virus this week, and a source told The Sun, “Filming a box office hit of this scale is already difficult enough without Covid. While this shows that Warner Bros’s testing regime is working, having so many people off set for 10 days is a headache the studio could do without, especially when they rely on the team of specialists to deliver the film’s most spectacular scenes,” he said.

Despite the latest delay, the film is still on track to end next month.