Amid her exaggerated personality, numerous professional accolades, and shocking looks, you might assume Cardi B has a lot of self-confidence, but the cheeky and brave superstar says she actually felt ” ugly and underdeveloped” when she was younger.

In a candid chat with Mariah Carey about the cover story of the March issue of Interview, the “WAP” rapper talked about beauty and all the insecurities related to her body that she had to deal with growing up in the Bronx.


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I am Trinidadian and Dominican, and there are many Dominicans who have a certain type of appearance. They have soft, graceful, and curly hair,” Cardi recounted in the interview.

Growing up, the boys asked me strange questions like, ‘If you’re Dominican, why is your hair so sly?‘. I dyed my hair and people were like, ‘Oh, your hair is so cracky.’ And they made me feel so strange.”

It didn’t even help her tobe ” really skinny“:

In the Bronx, it’s about being big and having ass, so young guys would say to me like, ‘look at your fat ass. You don’t have boobs. And they made me feel so ugly and underdeveloped,” the star recalled.


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Now that she has faced those problems with plastic surgery, Cardi said she feels “that she has retaliated“:

When I was 18 and became a dancer, I had enough money to allow myself to buy boobs, so every insecurity I felt about my breasts was gone. When I was 20, I went to the neighborhood strip club, and you had to have a big ass in strip clubs. So I felt insecure about it. It took me back to high school. So I kicked my ass. And then I felt super confident. ”

Cardi has always spoken candidly about all her numerous cosmetic procedures – which include new teeth, liposuction, and another breast augmentation after the birth in 2019 of her daughter, Kulture.


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Learning to take care of her hair, especially after damaging it with bleaching and permanent, was another turning point for the Grammy winner:

 Now I create my own hair mask and take care of my natural hair, and that makes me feel better as if what people were saying about me wasn’t true,” Cardi said. “My hair wasn’t bad because it was stopped. My hair was ugly because I didn’t know how to take care of them.”

Cardi changed her body to be the woman she has always dreamed of, she did it with cosmetic surgery and there are those who may or may not agree.

But before we let you judge yourself, we want to put a point: she has always been honest about the fact that it is not natural. On the contrary, many others on peers deny obvious tweaks, creating terrible insecurities especially among the youngest.

Being bombarded with seemingly perfect bodies drops into the damaging game of confrontation. But it’s one thing to know that that body was “created” and “bought,” quite another story when you bite the “mom did this to me” – because most of the time it’s NOT true.