Khloe Kardashian sparks new rumors of engagement


She shared an Instagram post in which she wears a very large diamond ring on her left ring finger.

This weekend Khloé Kardashian sparked rumors of engagement after sharing an Instagram post in which he is wearing a very large diamond ring on his left ring finger.

Adding more weight to the rumor, her alleged fiancé Tristan Thompson left a flirtatious comment in the publication of her daughter’s mother, which led many fans to see this as a confirmation that the couple is officially engaged.

Tristan joked about the grass in the background of the image along with some very flirtatious emojis, “WOW !!!!!!! That grass is cut to perfection. ”

This is not the first time rumors of an engagement between the couple have emerged. In July 2020, fans saw Khloé wearing the same ring on a photo of her at her 36th birthday party, but neither Khloé nor Tristan commented on speculation at the time.

Some claim they’ve both been engaged for some time.

See Khloe’s post below.


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