Meghan Markle accused of “inciting battles and taking sides”


One documentary claims that it was impossible for Meghan Markle not to be politically inclined to reasons she considers fair.

A royal commentator has come forward to criticize Meghan Markle’s “harder” habit of causing fights within the royal family.

This statement was aired in a 2020 documentary titled Meghan Markle: Changing Traditions, by entertainment reporter Ashley Pearson.

According to the Express newspaper, he said: “Meghan Markle is not someone who just wants a nice designer dress and a glass of champagne. Actually, she’s engaged and interested in politics.”

“In fact, he got into trouble not long ago when he met someone in Ireland who was in Parliament, I think, and congratulated him on the defeat of a bill that would have nullified abortion in Ireland, and said, ‘That’s great.’

“He ended up getting into trouble because the Irish politician tweeted, ‘Oh, I had this great conversation with Meghan and she congratulated us on the defeat of this initiative.’ And they all said, ‘You can’t side with someone, you can’t defend any position.'”

“I believe, in all honesty, that one of the most difficult and challenging things in all this experience for Meghan is the real tradition of not taking sides, of not showing his political inclination, of having no opinions. That’s something I C think Meghan has already fought and will continue to fight.”