Jamie Spears is a “protective but non-authoritarian father”


Jamie’s friend Claude Kelly says Britney has had creative “absolute control” over her music.

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, has recently received support from her friend Claude Kelly for being a “protective but non-authoritarian father.”

While many find Jamie a very controlling man, her friend Kelly feels otherwise.

During his interview with the British newspaper Metro, Kelly stated about the making of the album ‘Circus’ (2008): “He was not present in the studio in part because I think the people he was working with; Max Martin, myself, Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, people who had worked with her for a while. It was kind of a familiar environment, so there was no reason to be cautious or cautious.”

“It was a great event with fire- swallows and contortionists and all the interesting things about the Circus. Britney gets the best you can imagine,” she recalled, describing her as “probably the craziest party I’ve ever been to. I went into the VIP section and she was standing there with her father, everyone crowded her and greeted her. It was an intense thing, so he was introducing her to people one by one and making sure she wasn’t too agitated for her.”

“So that way he was more of a protective than authoritarian father. Any parent in that position at a party and their daughter is the most famous person in the world, one wants to stand guard and make sure she’s okay.”

Claude even came to challenge the idea that Britney had no control over her career and stated: “She had full control of the music. He had really powerful and intelligent creative people around him, but he was carefully choosing the songs he wanted to do and that’s how Circus was chosen.”


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