Britney Spears makeup artist says singer is “capable” and will regain control of her life


Billy ‘Billy B’ Brasfield believes Britney is close to regaining control over his finances and personal life.

According to Britney Spears’ friend and makeup artist Billy ‘Billy B’ Brasfield, the singer is “100 percent sure she’ll regain control of her life.”

The 39-year-old pop star has spent years caring for her father Jamie Spears, but Billy has now commented that her friend thinks she is closer to regaining control and being able to make crucial decisions about her finances and her personal life.

She shared in an interview with The Sun: “No more ‘unicorn’ than the world thinks Britney is, she is a very normal and realistic person. He’s just in an extraordinary situation. We’ll be on the phone, for example, and she says, ‘Wait for a second, I’m washing my clothes.’ The other day we talked and she was working in the house moving furniture and decorating. He’s 100% optimistic and extremely capable and intelligent, and he has a strategy and people have to respect that,” the makeup artist said.

“There are a lot of people who think they know what’s best for Britney, but she’s an adult, very capable woman. I think, like her, she’ll regain control.”

According to Billy, her famous friend is “doing very well” amid the battle for guardianship, but admitted that Spears remains frustrated with the restrictions they have imposed on her.

“She sees her children Sean Preston and Jayden James, but she can’t drive her car and it’s things like that every day that frustrate her,” she said, adding that she is also prevented from marrying her boyfriend. Sam Asghari, for guardianship.

Billy B continued: “You need to end a guardianship if you want to make the decision to marry or have more children in the future and if you want to act again. But Britney is such an optimistic person that she has found a way to be happy. He doesn’t see his father at all, but he has a very close relationship with all the other members of his family. He loves his sister, his nieces and nephews, and his brother. She and her mother have always been very close and remain close,” Billy said.