Demi Lovato shares details of her harrowing past


The singer has released the first trailer for her documentary ‘Dancing With The Devil’, where she talks when she nearly loses her life.

American singer-songwriter Demi Lovato has released the first trailer for her upcoming YouTube documentary series Originals, Dancing With the Devil, which chronicles her disturbing past.

The trailer shows the star sharing an agonizing drug overdose experience that nearly took her life in July 2018. She said the overdose led to three strokes and a heart attack.

The 28-year-old Skyscraper singer shared Wednesday on Instagram and Youtube the trailer for her four-part YouTube documentary series, Dancing with the Devil. In the video, she is seen describing how her eating disorder caused her to take the overdose.

Breaking her silence, the singer is heard saying, “Every time you suppress a part of yourself, it will overflow.”

Then the trailer shows her party with friends and shouts, “More!”

Lovato said: “I had three strokes. I had a heart attack. My doctors said I had five to ten more minutes to live.”

She is seen comparing herself to a cat, saying she has many lives, adding that she is in her ninth life.

The singer concludes the video by saying, “I’m ready to do what I love again, which is to make music. I’m not living my life for other people or their headlines or their comments on Twitter.”

Watch the trailer for ‘Dancing With The Devil’ below:


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